Fall in love with K Café Patisserie & Tea House

For this beautiful month of February in honor of the Valentine (and Galantine) vibes and the Happy Lunar New Year upon us, I want to spotlight this gorgeous cafe in San Jose, California. I present to my readers, K Cafe Patisserie and Tea House! What a dreamy gem of a cafe this is! I’m in love in February and it is with this cafe! Go visit them online for official details at www.kfamlove.com .

Vibe: This a dreamy cafe with a nice balance of casual and classy! An Asian-French fusion cafe with offerings such as Breakfast/Brunch, High Tea service, and grab-n-go food and drinks.

Location/Days/Hours: The cafe’s website says hours are Tuesday – Sunday, 9AM-5PM. Yelp slightly differs: Thursday – Sunday, 9AM-8PM. Call to confirm (408) 900-0023. Address is 923 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128.

My visits: I visited 3 times to be exact! Twice were pre-pandemic. It was not long after their grand opening. The first time I was by myself, the 2nd time I brought one of my best friends, and once again just last week while out with my mom for a Galantine’s Sunday Funday! We enjoyed ourselves so much here! I am very glad they’re open and survived 2020! I honestly thought about them while in quarantine hoping they would be one of the blessed and lucky business to survive it all. And they did! <3 <3 <3 <3 Yay! So I brought my mom with me this time and we really enjoyed ourselves! The staff and the patrons here are very nice. Each time I have visited, it always has me in this state of beauty and awe because of how picturesque it is. It is just like a fairy tale inside and out. Of course the delicious pastries, tea, and coffee are what matters too but ambiance is everything! On this recent visit, I notice they have revamped the menu and now offer breakfast/brunch! Let me tell you, the food looks amazing and they have great reviews on yelp. I actually have not yet tried the food but I plan to on my next visit. The people eating looked very content! I have tried a few drinks and the pastries as to-go purchases.

This year I celebrated Galantine’s Day and it was one of the best weekends I have had since lunar new year began. I had been wanting to take my mom here for so long and I was finally able to! I knew she would be so taken in by all the thought that has been put into this beautiful cafe, nestled in the heart of San Jose. I was unaware they now offer food though! Whaaaa? (I’m spontaneous and often don’t visit websites before I visit a place often times….the irony since I’m sort of a blogger! I know… don’t judge me please. It’s enough to make an OCD heavy planner personality go bonkers. Anyhoooo….haha! I just like to leave some things to chance and spontaneity if it’s a casual care-free type of day and/or when you’re not with a large group of people. Anyways, I’m getting better and I usually explore or have my young son with me and it’s very flexible and fun! <3

Ok back to K Cafe – I’ve been raving about this place for months to my friends and family! It’s the perfect place to bring someone who loves a whimsical-garden picturesque setting. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to host a bridal shower or baby shower here. How about a meet-up with your besties!? Um yes!! Bring your mom, your daughter or nieces, bring your granny, your godmother, cousins too! Can you tell I love this cafe?! The ideas of all the precious moments I can imagine to take place here are endless!

Tips/Recommendations: If you plan to have enjoy an entree for brunch or lunch, it is worth it to make the reservation, as this place get’s busy. It’s beautiful so it’s very popular for pictures. The kitchen is not like chain-run corporate cheesecake factory. Make those special plans if you want to sit down for a brunch meal.

If your visit is just for grab-n-go drink or pastry, you are totally fine, no need to make a reservation.

My favorite drink is the Vietnamese Egg Cloud Coffee, served hot. Also they make very smooth Matcha Green Tea Lattes!

Hot drinks are served in these adorable To-Go cups! Does it get any better than walking around with this cutie?! I mean just the cup alone is worth the visit!

There are many more drinks and treats to be had! The pastries are super fresh and delicious. Ok now for the pictures!!! <3


The romance of a cafe is really captured here. Check out the pink/rose velvet seating!
And they sell these awesome sheet masks and other “self-care” treats. Major beauty and self-care vibes over here!
The pastries! Everything is delicious! I’ve tried several different ones.
This picture keeps me in awe! Are those birds real? No, they are not, but we love looking at them as if they are. Bottomless dreamy fairy-tale like ambiance, served all day!
It’ s a classy place but also fun and light hearted! Check this red cutie just swinging through the cafe, loving life because he lives there!! Lol!


The parking is just behind me in this picture. Curb parking in the surrounding neighborhood is available but limited. Just come early!
Beautiful day time dates and sweet moments? Yes please!
I love that it has plenty outdoor seating and heat lamps as well as umbrellas.
Note: This carriage has been moved when I last visited, but there was this cute succulent garden inside the carriage. Currently it is an optional walkway up to the entrance door that is equally adorable. You get the idea though. So very charming and health conscious given the current health orders in place. It makes sense why they changed it into a 2nd walkway, for safe social-distancing.
Can we just admire this beautiful tree of blossoms? This picture is from my first visit ever. It was late in the winter of 2019/2020. I was there solo-dolo. As I sat and enjoyed my green tea latte (foam design and all), gentle breezes started to blow the blossom petals from the tree. It looked like snow on a balmy winter day. I call that “cafe dreaming”, California style! <3 It was unforgettable! <3
Nice metal garden crafted art such as they cute horsies!!

When you make your next visit to San Jose, California, visit K Cafe Patisserie and Tea House, located at 923 S. Bascom Ave.

Note: Don’t forget your mask/face covering. It is required. Bring your smiles and happy energy too!

I get the feeling this is an adorable “mom&pops” type establishment and it get’s busy on the weekends, especially. Brunch culture is very popular nowadays. If it is the casual grab-n-go offerings you seek you can walk in casual/spontaneous like me! Call and double check for current hours (408) 900-0023. Visit www.kfamlove.com for reservations. The website itself is a pleasure to visit. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Fasting Prayer Mountain of the World

…a place of peace and natural splendor…sacred holy grounds is what I call it…

One day back in late Spring or early Summer of this crazy and chaotic year of 2020, I decided to take a drive through the Santa Cruz mountains. I needed to just think, feel free to be me and connect in nature, and you know..commune with God <3

As I was driving, I passed a part of the perimeter of this magical holy place! As not to take my eye off the winding road, I took a quick glance for about 2 seconds then eyes back on the road! I kept driving; As I already had a set destination in mind (which will be another cool blog post), so I didn’t stop, but the glance always stuck with me.

A month or so later the destructive wildfires of Northern California would ravage those same mountains. Among all the beloved places I prayed would be protected, this place was one of them. I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I stop and visit when I had the chance?!?” and “I hope this place does not get consumed by the raging forest fires!”

In Fall this year, once the wildfires were contained, I decided to google and check on the condition of this sacred place. By God’s grace and to my relief, it was sparred from the fires! One weekend soon after, on a whim, I decided to visit here with my family for a day outing and off we went; to embark on a light hike at Fasting Prayer Mountain of the World!

A small dream of mine came true that day, but I was not prepared for just how special and beautiful of a place this would be! This place is truly all I imagined and more! I feel so blessed to be able to share my divine experience here and so I’m sharing it with you all. This amazing place is located in Scotts Valley, California. Visit the website for hours, location, and events, as it encourages you to call the visitor office before a visiting. This is also a wise thing to do because it is located deep in the Santa Cruz mountains and you surely want to take the weather and road conditions into account. This place is also loved and used by church congregations whose members visit for spiritual retreats from all around the world!

Fasting Prayer Mountain website: https://www.fpmw-sv.com/about-us


This is the sign you will see at the beginning of the narrow road leading you directly into the park/retreat grounds.
IMPORTANT: While beautiful, the road is quite narrow and steep so use caution and proceed with slow speed as you ascend. Make sure you have your headlights on so the opposite/descending traffic will see your vehicle.

The native plants here were so whimsically and seemingly placed with intention, either by God himself, a talented landscape artist, or mother nature. Well I guess many can agree God is the most talented landscape artist to exist in the entire universe!

Just looking at these images and remembering my emotional experience and the crisp mountain air here is probably the closest I’ve ever felt to heaven!
All around the park, you will be comforted by holy scripture. With every breeze, I’m certain you will experience God’s presence, even if your belief or awareness that a higher power in the holy highest watches over and loves you no matter what. If you don’t have a specific belief, that is OK – Come as you are, as long as you come in peace. <3

All is forgiven for hearts that choose to open, eyes that wish to see, ears that choose to hear, and minds that pray and meditate for peace.

Isn’t this the most beautiful place to sip some green tea and just be grateful to be alive? To have made it this far… through all the adversity of 2020 and maybe even before too? The way the sun beams through the tree canopies is breathtaking! This cute seating area made from a hollowed out tree reminds me of something out of Alice in Wonderland or a Skittles commercial! Enchantingly holy grounds is what I would call it!

This place is used for spiritual retreats by various churches probably from all over the world. There are small cabins used for meditation and prayer. You must speak to the staff before using these, I think. It can surely be arranged by contacting them through the website. Seeing these reminded me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I would definitely be up to participating in a spiritual retreat here!

For every ending, there is a birth to something new, if we are willing to approach life with a yearning and willingness to evolve.
Never lose your inner child, but even if you do, that child can always be found again, as long as you have open heart!

Our spirits are even more resilient to the craziest chaotic times like this year, 2020; Even more resilient than these ancient redwoods bark is to the wildfires.

I truly believe this. Some leaves need to fall away to enable us to grow stronger and maximize our life the way God intends for us. We only get one life on earth. Make the most of it! So peace forever be with you.

Amen! Amen! Amen!