Hi and thank you for looking at my blog! I am so happy to share my experiences on a blogging platform and express my cool experiences and things that I think are interesting that I come across along the way. Sometime these will be planned and or just out of a chance so I’ll do my best to capture my expression through pictures and words so I can then express them on here for you all. Hopefully my posts will pop up in searches for others who happen to be searching related topics! I’m an experience person. I like nice things, don’t get me wrong; but I think the most interesting fun way to relate to one another or or even for pure shock value is through our experiences! This is the way I want to capture and share things.

A little about who I am:

I was born, raised, and continue to reside in northern California – The Bay! I love where I’m from! My family and I are truly blessed and work we work hard. I need to get for sunshine and fun or else I get all, Bleh. Enter….The Weekend!! Where we get to experience the fruits of our labor. For me and my family, or sometimes just I, that means getting out and doing something fun, dope, awesomeness, any type of beautiful place, travels, and of course tea and coffee and chills. also try and incorporate experiences of giving back too. Good times with family, friends, and even solo adventures which are some of my favorite too. This is the stuff that makes life sweet. Weekends were made for fun! There might even be a portal to some other dimension here. I mean I would not be surprised. Its Northern Cali yall.. (synths…drum-machine…breakdown). Ok ok I’m cheesy too but who cares just look at some cool pictures, ok bye!

I am a mother, a wife, and woman who prays and shows gratitude. I celebrate my divine being in my own beautiful and unique way, regardless of anyone’s judgement. I follow my heart and stand in my truth. I am working on my passions, the glow up, flaws, personal goals, and all.


Cooking, parenting, day-trips, beach days, adventures in nature, discovering unique and eclectic shops, travel to far off places, art, music, and sub-cultures. Of course beauty products and self-care! But Travel and good coffee and tea are always high on my list! Also, I love nature.

The rest I hope you’ll learn and love through my Blog posts!

Thank you for stopping by! My vision for The Sunny Soul Project is to encourage myself and everyone else to choose happiness whether you explore solo or with others. Live life to the best you can. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Soul nourishing experiences are waiting to be had if we are willing to choose happiness and be ourselves. Have gratitude everyday! Don’t be afraid to embrace uncertainty and take calculated risks to be happy to change and enrich your life! Many of the greatest and best blessings happen by accident, but nothing is by accident when you follow your heart. A new decade is upon us. Take charge of your happiness and try something cool and different. We have the ability to create our own happiness, our own reality.


Marissa-Nicole, a Sunny Soul!