Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found some great ideas or simply enjoyed the content. I am so happy to share my experiences on a blogging platform and express my perspectives and reviews on cool unique interests and stuff. I want to share what I learn along the way through words and pictures. Sometimes these will be planned and or just out of a chance. I’m an experience person. I like nice things, don’t get me wrong; but I think the most interesting fun way to relate to one another or or even for pure shock value is through our experiences! This is the way I want to capture and share things.

A little about who I am:

I am born and raised in northern California – The Bay Area! I still live here and I still love it, no matter how crowded it get. Maybe one day my mind will change but I love people so I’m good with it! I grind at an awesome job full time but I also make time discover the world around me. I am also a mother of 1, my son and I like to take him exploring with me too! Enter….the weekend – where we get to experience the fruits of our labor. For my family and I (sometimes just I, that means getting out and doing something fun, dope, awesome, any type of beautiful place, travel (when possible), different cultures, cool science-fiction topics, and of course good tea and good coffee.  I enjoy delving into what I would describe as Christ-driven exploration of my spirituality. In future posts, I would like to  share experiences of giving back to and participating in community uplifting events. I cherish good times with my family, friends, and solo adventures which are some of my favorite. This is the stuff that makes life sweet and meaningful. Weekends were made for fun! There might even be a portal to some other dimension here. I mean I would not be surprised. Its Northern California (synths…drum-machine…breakdown). OK, I’m a little bit cheesy.

I celebrate my divine being by living and showing up in the world in my own beautiful and unique way, regardless of anyone’s judgement. I follow my heart and stand in my truth. I recognize I’m a flawed human being and I celebrate being a masterpiece in progress.

In 2021, I continue to work on creative ideas I’m passionate about, addressing my shadow work and healing, the glow-up, flaws, personal goals, and all. I like to celebrate and recognize other people who do this as well, so you might hear me shout other people’s content and encourage you to go check them out and show them love too!


Cooking, parenting, day-trips, beach days, adventures in nature, discovering unique and eclectic shops, travel to far off places, art, music, and sub-cultures. Of course beauty products and self-care! Nature, good coffee, good tea and philosophical murmurings are always high on my list! Also, I love nature and counter-culture stuff. Oh I said that already didn’t I?

The rest I hope you’ll learn and love through my posts!

Again, thank you for stopping by! My vision for The Sunny Soul Project is to encourage myself and everyone else to choose happiness whether you choose explore solo or with others, as long as you are doing so in a way that does not bring harm on to yourself, other living beings and things or to the environment. Live life to the best you can. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Soul nourishing experiences are waiting to be had if we are willing to choose happiness and be ourselves. Have gratitude everyday! Don’t be afraid to embrace uncertainty and take calculated risks to be happy. I embrace change, responsible uncertainty, wise and wild calculated risks. Do this and watch your life come alive! Many of the greatest and best blessings happen by accident, but nothing is really by accident when you follow your heart. A new decade is upon us. Take charge of your happiness and try something cool and different! We have the ability to create our own happiness, our own reality. I choose to chase happiness and growth!

Yours Truly,

Marissa-Nicole, a Sunny Soul!